30 Day Sharp Shooter Review: What You’ll Learn From the CIA

A top new guide on becoming an accurate, confident shooter, 30 Day Sharp Shooter is one of the best resources for honing your weapon skill. Containing some of the top techniques and tips taught by a former CIA officer, this guide will help you learn how to obtain premium accuracy and confidence even in the most deadly situations. Survivalists, home defense specialists, and preppers will all be interested in this guide, as it teaches you the key secrets to becoming a powerfully accurate sharp shooter.

Overview of 30 Day Sharp Shooter


Unlike many guides, 30 Day Sharp Shooter gets down to the meat and potatoes of shooting without any filler or fluff. The author, Jason Hanson, learned his advanced shooting techniques through years of job training that taught him how to do specific accuracy drills. He also shows you how to care for your gun, treat it safely, and store it properly. You’ll learn unique techniques that are taught in no other course and can only be learned from this guide.

Special Sharpshooting Techniques

Jason’s guide to becoming a 30 Day Sharp Shooter incorporates a number of important techniques. One of these is the blank panel drill, which helps you refine and hone your accuracy while not requiring any ammo at all. The guide shows you step by step how to obtain this level of accuracy by performing the drill at your own home, using pictures and visuals to instruct.

Acceptable for All Skill Levels

It doesn’t matter what level of skill you’re currently at with your shooting techniques. Jason’s guide can be used by anyone regardless of experience, and is recommended by beginners and advanced shooters alike.

Top Concealed Carry Instruction

You’ll learn from a professional shooter exactly how to improve accuracy, carry your weapon properly and legally, and stay safe while carrying. Many of the drills shown in this guide don’t need any ammo to perform, so you can practice in the comfort of your home while getting ready for live-fire drills on the shooting range. The 30 day method is taught so that in one month, you will be able to up your accuracy by more than 50%.

CIADefense and Survival Methods

Using a special trigger control secret, 30 Day Sharp Shooter teaches you how to quickly improve your weapon skill. As someone serious about keeping your home and family safe, these methods are critical for anyone to know — especially if you own a firearm. It isn’t enough to simply own a gun; you also need to know how to properly care for it and shoot it.

Using key survival and defense techniques learned during his time within the CIA, Jason breaks down the mindset of confidence needed in a dangerous situation; the exact steps you should take during each drill to hone your accuracy; and how to perform at top accuracy and fire speed when you head out to the shooting range to practice your newly-learned techniques for real.

Cost Effective and Efficient

This guide is easy to order, being available online at a very low price. You can download it and be learning from the guide in just a matter of minutes. Additionally, there is a full refund guarantee in case you aren’t happy with your purchase.

User Reviews

One owner of the guide who recently downloaded said that after starting the methods taught in Jason’s guide, he improved his weapon shooting by more than 35%. He feels much more confident in his ability to protect his family from home invasion. In the event of a major catastrophe, he feels he would be ready to protect against those who would threaten his home or his well-being.

Another user, who is a single female living in the city, feels she is much more able to defend herself in dangerous times. She owns a weapon but did not know how to properly carry it using legal concealed carry laws. After reading 30 Day Sharp Shooter, she knows the exact methods for shooting, carrying, and storing her gun that only Jason could teach.


30 Day Sharp Shooter teaches advanced shooting techniques that only a former CIA officer would know. Providing bonus material, fun and information instruction, and easy-to-follow visual guides, Jason’s manual is not to be missed by anyone who seriously wants to improve shooting accuracy.

Gaining confidence in shooting and gun use is important to feeling fully-prepared for any dangerous survival situation, and this guide will help you obtain that goal.

30 Day Sharp Shooter

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