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Bulletproof Home Review

If you’ve been looking for a simple, practical way to protect your family at home, you’re in luck. A brand new survival guide from one of the top experts in the area of home defense has prepared a full blueprint for anyone, regardless of experience. Even if you’re just starting out as a home defense advocate, this guide is full of handy tricks to help you defend against thieves, rapists, looters, paramilitary units, mobs, and more. Through the use of this guide, you will learn how to prepare in the worst of disasters, and still come out just fine on the other end.

What’s Included with Bulletproof Home

Bulletproof Home includes a downloadable PDF ebook, as well as a CD and physical guide you can order as a supplement. Most users choose to just download the online guide, since it’s easy to navigate and delivered instantly to your home computer.

What You Will Learn

There are a number of segments included in this guide, including chapters on defense strategies and concepts, having a good defensive mindset, prepping your home defense units, and learning how to avoid being a target. Additionally, you will learn how to defend the inside and outside of your home, using perimeter and hardening methods, as well as rural vs urban methods for defending your home.

In addition, you will find out how to drive out hungry mobs, using actual data taken from the author’s time in a serious collapse in Argentina. He used these methods to drive away more than 17 people. You’ll learn how to gain tact is of situational awareness, or learning how to detect important sounds, smells, and visual cues that tell you when intruders are approaching.

You will also learn jet how to get your husband or wife on board with this process, even if they think you might be a bit extreme for suggesting it. This guide shows you how to become fully prepared for any kind of disaster while still keeping a peaceful and safe home life. The author explains on page 44 how to keep looters and intruders out of your home, and why getting a security alarm is pretty much useless in defending against them. He’ll also show you a simple, under-one-dollar method of silently keeping tabs on intruders — with no alarm necessary.

User Reviews and Feedback

A number of customers have mentioned just how handy this product has been in helping them live in a Bulletproof Home. One user said that the bonus material, including Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics — an additional guide — showed him just what he needed to start preparing his home in a thorough method. The guide on surviving economic collapse and choosing the best antibiotics helped him get a grasp on what he would need medicinally to protect his family in an emergency.

Another buyer chose this product living as a single mom with three kids, where she needed to protect her family and instill in her kids the importance of a self-defense mindset. She said the book helped her in a very easy to understand, straightforward writing style, so she was easily able to implement the author’s methods.

Additional Content

Beyond the main guide, Bulletproof Home will also teach you special psychological methods used by the FBI to control an intruder’s actions and behavior, a technique so powerful that it is often banned by most other areas. You’ll learn how to get your kids to also be part of the home self defense process, even if they are normally very misbehaving or rowdy. Getting the kids to understand home security is vital to maintaining a safe home, which is why the author has included a full chapter on this.

You will also receive a specific, detailed, step by step instructional method on how to build a room that is much more secure and safe than the typical safe room that is advocated by many security experts. Often, these rooms only end up putting you in more danger, and the author explains why — and how to build a better alternative.


Bulletproof Home is a simple to understand guide that is inexpensive and easy to download. With a number of important tips and tricks, such as psychological, physical, and practical means of keeping intruders out of your home, you’ll learn exactly how to survive in the worst case scenario. This guide is a must-have for anyone serious about having a fully defended home.

Bulletproof Home

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