Colloidal Silver for Preppers: An Essential for Your Bug Out Bag

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is one of the most powerful anti-bacterial remedies on the market. Available as an important medicinal component, it can reduce skin problems, minimizing herpes, scarring, and sores. It can help to alleviate pain from wounds as well. As a key part of the prepper’s medicine cabinet, these drops help to ensure that in the worst of emergencies, you are still quite well prepared. It has even been shown to prove effective against Ebola, flu viruses, warts, and a number of other serious problems that might cause a prepper to need this important medicinal reagent.

Colloidal Silver Drops for Prepping

As a key medicine that was required for all medical kits in the late 19th century, colloidal silver was soon replaced by penicillin. However, many preppers realized the benefits of these drops in its original version and reverted to this form of the medication. Proving an effective antibacterial, colloidal silver has numerous benefits.

For one, colloidal silver can be applied to the skin’s surface to stop bacteria and viruses from growing. Antibioitics typically kill viruses orally, but cannot act as quickly as an antibacterial. Additionally, it has been proven to kill off bacteria directly, and can help antibiotic remedies to be more effective.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

This powerful remedy can act as a fungicide, preventing ringworm, athletes foot, and mycoses, among other diseases that manifest through fungi affecting the feet or scalp. It can also be used to fight off viral infections. Colloidal silver also promotes the healing of the skin’s surface, reducing boils, burns, and herpes sores in a matter of minutes. Amazingly enough, these drops can actually be used to purify water, as well, making it a very important part of the prepper’s kit.

How to Use Colloidal Silver Drops as a Prepper

Using colloidal silver as part of your prepper’s kit is fairly simple. To prepare colloidal silver drops, you will need a silver kit, which will provide all the materials necessary. All you need to do is place roughly one half inch of tap water in a mason jar, and fill with distilled water. Place the electrode-based lid from your prepper’s colloidal silver kit on to the jar and connect your nine volt battery to pure silver electrodes. Then place the generator on a background that is dark. The electrodes will make mist and create bubbles, as the silver gets stripped and becomes ionic and colloidal. After a short period of time, you can stir with a plastic fork or spoon once you have noticed silver pouring from the positive electrode.

Instead of doing all of this, however, you can try a trusted brand of drops. You can buy colloidal silver drops online if you would prefer, as they already come premade and available for use at any time within your preparedness kit. The top brand (and one we recommend) is by Patriot Life.

Disinfecting and Usage for Colloidal Silver

The great thing about colloidal silver is that it can easily and quickly be used as a disinfectant for preppers. The best dosage is quite small, with about 4 ounces of these drops per gallon. To disinfect open wounds, use the substance to cleanse and wash wounds as needed, soaking your bandages in these drops.

Prepper Advice and Reviews

A number of preppers have discussed the benefits of colloidal silver. One prepper said that the use of these drops actually saved his life. Rather than having to resort to calling in an emergency service, he was able to use colloidal silver to avoid contracting a serious bacteria that would have potentially taken his life while out on an expedition. He now includes these drops in all his prepping kits as he realizes the importance of this vital reagent in preparing for emergencies where viruses and bacteria may be on the move, with little medical help available.

Another prepper recommends that it be used for as long as necessary, while infection remains a serious problem or continued threat. Your daily dosage can be lowered in increments, but sticking to a minimum of 2 ounces per day seems to be the ideal.


As an antibacterial, anti fungal, and overall powerful and effective treatment for a number of ailments, colloidal silver is a natural, healthful addition to any prepper’s kit. You will need to either make colloidal silver on your own or obtain it through liquid, pill, or capsule form online. There are a number of ways to take or use colloidal silver, and the best one for you will depend on your specific prepping needs.

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