Darkest Days Review: Blackout USA

The Darkest Days survival course is a comprehensive guide on how to successfully survive a serious crisis known as an electro-magnetic pulse. An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is an explosive flash of magnetic or electric energy strong enough to radiate outward for the source. Both manmade or natural in possible beginnings, the EMP can create serious havoc on buildings and home areas. To be able to protect your family in the event of such an emergency, the Darkest Days course will show you how to prepare.

Darkest Days Overview

Written by Alec Deacon, a key planning and survival expert, this course is intended to show you exactly what tools you will need to prepare for a EMP attack. Some of the most important parts of this course include:

—How to use power stored off the grid similar to the Amish method to keep your food and perishables properly stored

—How to protect loved ones, home areas, and gardens safe from looters and dangerous individuals

—How to utilize special energy sources that will help to keep your home powered up at all times even if the rest of the city lacks power

—Strategies to protect your car’s functioning even in the wake of an EMP

In addition, you will learn how to build your own pharmacy, assembling key medications and remedies to help stay safe even in the wake of a serious attack. You will also learn how best to keep invaders and attackers away during an EMP — or after it.

Benefits of the Darkest Days

This program is fully applicable to every day scenarios, because many of the aspects you will learn can be applied to more than one area. Instead of just being specific to a post-attack situation, you will learn how to preserve food, as well as how to medicate your family in an entirely self-guided way.

Additionally, the creator of the program tells you in full detail how the EMP attack might play out and how best to be ready for the event of such an emergency. Well-versed in prepping, survival techniques, and physics, Alec Deacon knows exactly how to get ready for serious EMP situations.

Because the EMP attack may render electronic devices and appliances unusable, it’s vital to be ready for such a situation that could potentially destroy the power grid of our whole country. Many terrorist groups are quickly gaining the capability to craft such a weapon, destroying the USA’s ability to defend itself instantaneously.

A Life-Saving Guide to Survival

The Darkest Days course is a seriously important book to have for preparation of the worst. Being completely, thoroughly researched and backed up through scientific principles, this book will teach you how to live without any electricity at all. In fact, the co-author of the guide lived for 2 years with the Amish before writing the book, which means he knows exactly how to live without modern technology and electricity. Even though the chance of an EMP is still very low, being ready for the worst — whether an EMP or any other kind of attack — is still of critical importance.

User Reviews

Many of the people who have purchased and used this guide only have good things to say about it. One user said she was doing everything she could to prepare for a serious attack by ISIS or any other terrorist organization as the news started to get worse and worse. She realized it was critical to protect herself and her family. Rather than facing a situation where she and her sons would be left in the dark (literally), she bought this guide and quickly learned how to grow her own food, what medicines to stockpile, and how best to survive in the wake of a disaster that would leave her vulnerable to attacks. Another user echoed her thoughts, saying he now feels ready to defend his young wife and daughter in the worst situation — and knows how to fight off invading, dangerous people.


The Darkest Days is an indispensable guide for preppers, survivalists, and anyone who wants to be ready in the wake of a serious electrical grid failure. Better safe than sorry is one phrase that comes to mind with this product, which will prepare you in all ways to be ready for surviving until a new source of power can be found. This is one guide that you won’t regret purchasing, especially since there is a full refund policy in place in case you aren’t happy with your purchase.


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