Harry Dent Newsletter Review: Do NOT Miss This Essential Information

Harry Dent is a well-known financial analyst and advisor who has predicted huge shifts in the market and economy with accuracy that rivals even the best predictors of such currents. He managed to predict the 2000 real estate and housing bubble, the crash of the market in 2008, and the huge Tech Boom and Wreck in 2000. Harry Dent also predicted the rise of gold in 2014 and the crash of oil shortly after. Dent offers a newsletter that provides seriously potent tips that can completely transform your financial portfolio.

What is the Harry Dent Newsletter?

Harry Dent

The Harry Dent newsletter is a regularly produced and delivered publication that provides top-level financial tips and stock predictions to your inbox. Dent tells you exactly what you need to invest in to stay on top of economic data and trends in the coming years. He uses predictions of global and international economies, such as auto sales and wealth transfer, as well as conditions with diplomatic factors in the Middle East that influence oil prices. Dent tells you how to protect yourself as an investor from huge declines and crashes that often take place in the market.

What You’ll Learn

Some of the most important tips and advice in the newsletter includes key information such as China’s world power and conditions on the market, huge profit potential market opportunities, and how to protect your wealth from being taken to a minimum by deflation. Dent also shares knowledge of why some assets that often are considered “safe” are about to lose more than sixty percent of their normal values.

He also tells you the truth about bubbles that experts won’t share, such as why most financial advisors can’t predict bubbles and how to prevent them from affecting you. He shares some of the key facts on the sixty-seven year bear market and certain similarities we are now seeing in the current market, as well as three main sectors of the market becoming more vulnerable to crash predictions. He also tells you exactly how to avoid the trigger that sets off the “collapse” of market bubbles.

Why Trust the Harry Dent Newsletter

Harry Dent is a prominent forecaster of market trends. He has shown through a number of key predictions why the market behaves the way it does, and offered valuable information to investors on how to make the best picks. Dent graduated from USC at high distinction, completing an MBA from the Harvard School of Business. He designed his own unique method called “The Dent Method” to determine the next direction the market will take. Generally, this method uses consumer spending patterns through family growth and maturing, such as the stages from childhood to retiring that include having kids and purchasing a house. Dent has predicted several trends quite accurately, many of which have resulted in massive gains for investors following his advice.

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Demographics and Macro Knowledge of the Economy

One of Dent’s key strengths which you will gain from reading the newsletter is that he uses demographics of various families around the country and economic trends in macro view. This helps you to see the prediction patterns he uses and understand exactly why certain factors might play out according to his formula. Dent has recently come out with a new book predicting a big drop in real estate and stocks as well as major unemployment rates, and how those will affect the market in coming years.

Dent’s method, which you learn through reading the newsletter, teaches you not just to follow him blindly, but to become a savvy, well-versed investor yourself. He’ll show you where to look for acquiring the most up to date and useful data, which you can then plug into various key formulas that help you build your portfolio while dodging major pitfalls in the market. Dent also shows you other important trading resources that help you educate yourself and then go on to make good picks in stocks and bonds.


The Harry Dent Newsletter is a prime source of investing information that helps you learn to predict market trends with startling accuracy, which Dent himself has done for years. Following the method outlined by this savvy financial analyst, you will learn how to build up a portfolio that is resistant to shifts in economic trends and that provides high returns as the years go by.

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  1. mr. harry dent is 100% right about stock market crash and economy. i listen all youtube video 3-4 time each. i like it. god bless you. thanks.

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