LifeStraw Review – Essential Prepper Tool?

The LifeStraw is currently one of the top personal water filters available for survivalists, enthusiasts, or basically anyone interested in getting rid of bacteria from water that you might be obtaining from streams, lakes, or rivers. For survivalists and campers, especially, the LifeStraw may come to be a very handy little tool — in fact, it might even save your life.

Specifications of the LifeStraw

The LifeStraw is an ultralight tool, weighing in at just two ounces. It not only meets USA EPA drinking water standards, but is totally BPA free and has no added chemicals or dangerous components. The LifeStraw uses no iodinated resin or iodine, meaning you won’t experience any aftertaste from using it. It is also quite portable, being only nine inches long and one inch in diameter.

Awards and Recognition

The LifeStraw has won a number of awards, being used by hundreds of thousands of campers, backpackers, and other avid survivalists since 2005. It takes away a minimum of 99% of bacteria found in water, and removes parasites filtering to a brilliant .2 microns — something no other personal water filter has managed to do. In addition, the device filters more than 1000 liters of contaminated water, with no iodine, chemicals, or chlorine.

How it Can Help

The LifeStraw is an excellent device to have for emergencies, survival situations, or any natural disaster you might encounter. There are zero batteries or additional parts, making it a great tool for a home emergency kit or a vehicle. It is also an excellent tool for camping and hiking, weighing just 2 ounces. It can be used to drink straight from the nearest puddle or pond, or a stream or brook, as well.

It is also a great tool for international travel. You never know when you might need a source of water filtration to avoid salmonella, e. coli, or protozoa from the water around you. It is reliable, effective, and proven to be a great device for anyone to have.

User Feedback

One happy customer who recently obtained a LifeStraw found that it was the best tool he’d ever purchased for camping and hiking in backwoods areas in the US. It was way too difficult to carry the amount of water he needed to stay hydrated because of how much it would ultimately weigh him down. So he purchased a LifeStraw and took it out for a test, and found he could quickly drink from every lake, stream, and even melted snow.

Another user said that if you tend to camp out a lot or spend much time outdoors, this is a lot cheaper than a water filter, which can cost upwards of $100 and seem inconvenient and unnecessary for someone who may only need a smaller device — and less overall water usage.

It’s also very light and portable, so it won’t weigh you down the way some devices for water filtration might.

Another user said she just got back from an international trip to Cambodia and Nepal, where she used the straw many times. Generally she was in the jungles of Cambodia quite a lot and was often dehydrated. Since all her water bottles were totally dehydrated, there was no source of safe drinking water. Once she figured out how to use the LifeStraw at a nearby well, she could quickly start drinking the nearby water. This little device saved her from taking risks that would have landed her with terrible diseases or diarrhea.

Safe, Reliable, and Effective

The LifeStraw is extremely reliable and effective. It has a hollow fiber membrane, meaning that it will strain out protozoa and bacterium — including Cryptosporidium. The straw style filter is very easy to operate; all you need to do is dip the filter int he water and drink out of the top, similar to a straw. It requires no pumping, and no incubation period — as a chemical filtration method would.

Overall Recommendation

The LifeStraw is a great, lightweight tool that will save you from being exposed to a number of deadly diseases you’d otherwise have to face as a camper, hiker, or traveler. Its filtration system leaves the water tasting great, with no gritty or chemical taste — and everyone who’s used it has been able to drink even the most contaminated water and come out without any sign of illness. It is a cheap, functional way of ensuring you can get drinking water quickly, no matter where you may be. It is definitely not a tool to be missed for campers and survivalists, or anyone who needs an emergency kit.

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