The Lost Ways Review: In-Depth Prepper Course

The Lost Ways

Living in a time where disaster is always imminent means that having a survival plan is more important than ever. If we lost our water, electricity, or means of connecting to others, serious problems would ensue. Additionally, without the proper tools to navigate, provide food and clean water, and collect waste for disposal, we would find ourselves in serious trouble, indeed.

Fortunately, Claude Davis has developed a solid system to help prepare for the worst. Known as The Lost Ways, the author provides a comprehensive survival guide to help users tackle the major challenges associated with disaster and strife. You’ll be able to learn how to make food from scratch, find and build your own shelter areas, and design traps and weapons to ward off enemies and hunt small to medium sized game.

What’s Included in The Lost Ways eBook

The Lost Ways explains exactly how to survive in the worst conditions, following a simple step by step plan. In addition to build shelter areas and finding food and water, you’ll learn how to pre sever water, trap beaver during cold months, build underground bunkers and camouflage areas, and even how to plant your own garden. You’ll also learn how to survive with no technology at the ready, how to hunt deer without any kind of basic firearms or weaponry, and how to provide your family with super foods that are high in vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates that will last for years and years.

How it Works

The Lost Ways is divided into separate chapters to help lay out a simple plan you can follow. It works by explaining some of the most simple, basic elements of survival that our ancestors used that are long forgotten. These include preserving clean water the way sailors from the 1600s did; learning how to develop simple poultices and medicines using herbs you can find in the wild; and even how to make foolproof traps for beaver and muskrat the way our forefathers did in the 1800s.

You’ll also learn how to make your own beverages, how to correspond without technology, and how to roll your own ammo. The system explains how to develop a root cellar and how to cook on open flame, how to take care of hygiene without being able to buy basic necessities, and how to make your own soap.

User Reviews

A number of customers who’ve used the product find that they now feel much more peace of mind knowing they can survive in the worst of times. One user who had three small children, a wife, and an aging parent to care for found that this was the best system he had tried. Previously, he had taken a number of survival skills courses and tried to look up the information online, but he couldn’t teach himself what he needed to know. After using this system, he now feels much more confident knowing he is prepared in the event of a major disaster or emergency.

Another user who is a single mother of two young kids found that when she put this system into practice, she began to understand exactly what she needed in order to keep her kids safe. The best part is that the kids have quickly taken to the guide, finding it both exciting and challenging as they start their preparedness drills.

Additional Benefits

In addition to learning how to hunt small game and take care of your family in the event of a major natural or manmade disaster, you will also learn how to make knives and basic clothing, snow shoes, and navigational skills. You will learn how to forage and find herbs and berries, surviving off the land rather than needing to shop for your food. You will even learn how to smoke fish using a homemade smokehouse you can develop very quickly and easily on your own.


The Lost Ways should be part of any survivalist’s toolkit. As one of the best systems out there, this program is a foolproof way to make sure that you are prepared in the event of major disasters. You’ll get a sense of peace knowing you can protect yourself and your family — and even be able to survive simply living off the land. If for any reason you aren’t fully happy with it, you can request a full refund within 60 days.

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