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We don’t like to think about it, but unfortunately it’s a reality of life… Criminals break into homes. How can you defend your home against a home invasion robbery and those who would want to do you harm?

Our goal is that by the end of this article, you’ll have a few tips that you can implement in order to best protect your home against break-ins and home invasion robberies.

How to Protect Yourself Against a Home Invasion

It’s disgusting. We’ve seen the videos of horrific home invasion robberies, families tied up against their will, and unspeakable acts being done to women and children. Let’s get you and your family protected so that this NEVER happens to you!

Step One: Rings of Protection
Home DefenseThe photograph to your left explains a simple way of thinking about home defense tactics. You want to think about your home as having rings around it. The perimeter starts on the outside of your property line. This is the farthest place you can secure your home. If someone approaches from the outside and sees something that deters them, it means you’ve done your job. Some perimeter deterrents are:

  • Fences and gates: This is a no-brainer. Make sure your gates and fences are secured around your home. Double-check to make sure that the gates are locked. If you’re lax about securing your perimeter, what signal are you sending to a potential intruder?
  • Motion sensor lights: Lights that turn on automatically whenever someone approaches. The ideal scenario would be to have motion sensor lights around your entire home – backyard, the sides of your home, and leading up to your front door. If someone approaches at night, a bright motion-activated light is likely to spook the average burglar into skipping your home.
  • Signage: Do you have a home security system? Put up a sign in front of your home letting people know that you’re set up with one. If you don’t have a home security system, you should probably think about investing in one. If cost is a factor, at a minimum, buy yourself a sign to post in front of your home. You can search on eBay for a home security company sign. They are relatively inexpensive.
  • An American flag: Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Professional burglars have admitted to law enforcement that a home with a flag is typically the home of a patriot… A patriot usually is armed with gun. If it sounds like a stereotype, it is. If you’re not armed, we must ask – why not? Even if you call 911 for help, police will be minutes away when you need them right away. We’ll discuss guns and home protection shortly…
  • Security cameras: These will provide a dual purpose. They are a deterrent against crime, and will provide evidence in the event that someone is caught on camera.

Next, work on protecting the inside of your home. If someone has penetrated your perimeter undetected and has gained access into your home, it is the highest threat you can imagine. This means that you must now be prepared to utilize force to defend yourself and your family.

Step Two: Self-Defense WeaponsRemington 870

As soon as you’re aware that someone has illegally gained entrance to your home, or that a home invasion robbery is taking place, you need to call law enforcement to help. While you wait for them, however, you’re going to need to protect yourself. Here are some tools that you should have close by in case this worst case scenario occurs.

  • Firearm: If you ask ten people for their opinion on the best home defense gun, you’ll hear ten different opinions. We’ll be more blunt: ANY firearm is better than no firearm. At a minimum, every home should be armed with a shotgun. Even if you’ve only got birdshot loaded in it, it’ll neutralize any threat quickly and easily. We are fans of the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500. Both are fantastic starter shotguns. For less than $400, you can have a shotgun that will protect your family. We think that’s a great investment.
  • Tactical pen: Compact, lightweight, and will neutralize any close-range threat. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Handcuffs: If you have a threat neutralized, you should be able to subdue them until law enforcement arrives. We carry handcuffs in our vehicles, home, and office for this reason.
  • Tactical flashlight: A lot of home invasions occur at night. Owning a solid tactical flashlight will help to illuminate the darkness, and in some cases will help you to temporarily blind an attacker.

Step Three: Between Your Ears

Knowledge and implementation of that knowledge gives you power. You can have all the tools, but if you don’t know how to use them, they are useless. This principle applies to all prepping, not just home invasion robberies! Don’t spend thousands of dollars on the best equipment if you’re not going to invest in education. Learning how to use the tools you purchase is VITAL. We recommend investing in survival education programs such as:

As always, we recommend following our site for product reviews on tools that you can purchase in order to protect you and your family against threats.

It’s vital to stay prepared, vigilant, and educated. With the right tools in your prepping arsenal, continuing to educate yourself, and general awareness, you can live happy knowing that you’re doing what you can to make sure your family is protected in the event of an unexpected threat.

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