Shadowhawk X800 Flashlight Review – Military Grade?

Shadowhawk X800 Review

A brand new, exclusive new tactical flashlight that has been released using only the Internet, the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight is one of the top choices of both military and police. Using a special aluminum aircraft, military grade design, this flashlight continues to work over more than 12 years of regular use. Not only is it extremely light, durable, and reliable, but it’s also extremely powerful.

Features of the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

The Shadowhawk X800 features a number of important design specs. It has a unique zooming and focusing feature, allowing it to zoom in more than 2000 times your normal magnification. It includes 5 different focusing zoom settings. It also has five preset loaded settings, including high, low, and medium lighting, memory mode strobes, and others. It is designed using extra tough, super durable aircraft aluminum, meaning it is both extremely lightweight and durable. It is completely rainproof and windproof. It is also designed using special military grade defense technology, such as a crenellated bezel for the purpose of defending oneself in dire situations.

Brightness and Bulb Power

The Shadowhawk features one of the most powerful bulbs available. On its normal setting, the bulb burns at more than 900 lumens. Most flashlights just put out around 100-200. This makes the Shadowhawk X800 not only extremely bright, but also energy-efficient. It has a strobe setting that will actually tun someone if you use it. This will give you the advantage of time if you find yourself in a situation where you need to pull out some self defense moves.

Design and Construction

Thanks to its military grade design, the Shadowhawk X800 flashlight is made of extremely strong material. Airplanes use this type of aluminum because it is very light, but also strong. Keep in mind, this flashlight can actually do some damage as well, because the metal it is made from is powerful enough to break glass if you must do so. It is not hard to use, and anyone, regardless of former self-defense training, will naturally be able to use it in situations where you might need to use a weapon to keep attackers at bay.

Zoom Features

Most flashlights don’t feature this level of zoom technology, meaning they won’t project at the same level the Shadowhawk X800 does. So even if you are trying to see an object that is very far away, in no light at all, you can easily turn up the zoom function and be able to get a good look at even distant objects in low lighting.

Other Benefits

The Shadowhawk’s major selling point is that it is extremely durable and powerful, but also capable of lasting a very long time. It uses three triple A batteries, and will still provide you with more than 100k hours of lamp life. This means you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing its power source or having to recharge it.

User Reviews

Most customers who have used the Shadowhawk X800 find it to be one of the most reliable and powerful tools they’ve used. One former police officer purchased a Shadowhawk to go out on nightly patrols as a volunteer, and found that this device gave him the peace of mind he needed to go out on the streets in peace. Since he can not only ward off attackers, but also see objects at a very far distance at night, he’s able to do his job more effectively.

Another user of the Shadowhawk X800 found the tool to be incredible helpful on spelunking and camping trips. She used it to find hidden objects for geocaching and fun activities planned by friends, but also on her normal camping activities, where it was handy to have a powerful flashlight to see her way in the dark.

One customer purchased the flashlight and found that she could keep one in her car as a backup tool in case she ever broke down on the side of the road. It gave her a lot of peace of mind to know this flashlight would double as a weapon if she needed to defend herself.


The Shadowhawk X800 is a very powerful flashlight that not only zooms and lights your way for years on end, but also proves to be an important self defense weapon. You’ll be able to take it anywhere as it is small and compact, but also energy-efficient. Thanks to the affordability of this flashlight, you can easily purchase it online and even grab a few extra flashlights to keep as backups in your car or home.


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