Thyrosafe Review – Potassium Iodide for Preppers


During a radiation emergency, one of the biggest risks to the human body is the exposure to radioactive iodine. It is technically called Iodine-131 and is an isotope. It is carcinogenic and is most harmful to the person’s thyroid gland. Since thyroid plays a vital role in our body, its proper functioning is a must. It produces thyroid hormone which helps in conversion of food into energy and in other functions of brain, bones, muscles, skin, etc. During a radiation emergency, thyroid gland is at the risk of becoming cancerous. To prevent this, certain drugs and supplements are taken. Thyrosafe is approved for consumption by children and adults alike.

How does Thyrosafe protect you?

Thyrosafe contains potassium iodide as its active content making it a rich source of iodine. It saturates the thyroid gland with iodine and prevents it from absorbing any additional amount from anywhere. When the body absorbs the radioactive iodine from the surroundings or through food, it dumps it into the gland. But as the gland is already saturated with natural iodine, it rejects it. Since this unnatural iodine is rejected by thyroid gland, there is no risk of cancer to the gland from this substance. All-in-all, Thryosafe prevents absorption of radioactive iodine into the gland and protects it from cancer.

How does radioactive iodine work?
The thyroid gland absorbs all iodine that it comes across with by direct or indirect contact. Natural iodine is useful as it helps in producing thyroid hormone. This iodine is found in many types of foods including seafood, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The trouble begins when the unnatural iodine, that is, radioactive iodine comes in contact with thyroid gland. Our body can’t differentiate between natural and unnatural iodine. It absorbs them alike and stores them in the thyroid gland. However, the problem is that the radioactive iodine starts radiating which is its nature. This creates a problem for the gland. This radiation from the radioactive iodine from the gland causes harm to it. It also leads to unchecked and irregular growth, which is called cancer. Products that prevent this kind of cancer are used to keep you safe.

To attain the state of saturation as mentioned above, certain dosage is prescribed to the people at risk. The dosage varies according to age of a person. For example, an adult’s dosage would greatly vary from a child’s dosage. Adult and children both are benefitted from the use of Thyrosafe, though the degree may vary. The inactive ingredients in Thyrosafe include lactose, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose.

Do read the instructions given on the package for storage and consumption. Adults over the age of 18 are advised to take 2 tablets (65 mg each) each. For those below the age of 18, the dosage varies according to the weight. Detailed information about this is given on the package. Those who can’t take the tablets can take Thyrosafe by dissolving it in milk, juice, or some other liquid. Dosage instructions have to be followed to the dot if the person wants to get benefitted from it. Overdose would be poisonous and in situation when it happens, immediately contact a doctor.

When should you take them?
You should consume Thyrosafe tablets only when you are advised to do so by a public health official who has ascertained the presence of radioactivity in the atmosphere. Taking the tablets long before the radiation won’t make your body immune to radioactive iodine.

By now, you must have realized that you need to be worried about buying Thyrosafe if you live in a radioactive zone. Not everybody runs the risk of getting exposed but for those who face the problem, the problem may become insurmountable if not addressed in time. The first approach should always to get away from the radioactive zone but when push comes to shove, face it with Thyrosafe. When the person buys the product, he or she should check out its manufacturing and expiry dates. Generally it is two to three years of time from the date of manufacturing.

We think that Thyrosafe is important enough to start putting into your bug out bag. We’ll have more information on terrorism, and how to protect you and your family in the event of a radioactive attack in a future article.

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