Review: Primitive Survivors Water Filtration Straw

Water Filtration Straw

If you frequently find yourself needing to drink water but are forced to resort to sources that might have dangerous toxins or bacteria, having a personal water filter can save your life. The Water Filtration Straw is one such mechanism. Featuring one of the most effective means of reducing harmful chemicals in the water you drink, this straw can be a lifesaver.

The Primitive Survivors Water Filtration Straw provides up to one thousand liters of water filtered, removing viruses, bacteria, and parasites from any source you drink from. It is extremely light, weighing just two ounces, and doesn’t need any batteries or electrical sources to function. The straw is the perfect size to fit in any small bag and removes 99.9% of all bacteria and parasites — using an extremely high flow rate. It is durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. Some of the bacteria it removes include vibrio cholerae, shigella, salmonella, campylobacter, and E. coli. It also removes Cryptosporidium Parvum and Giardia lamblia, or “beaver fever.”

Using the Primitive Survivors Water Filtration Straw

Primitive Survivors Water Filtration Straw

The straw is great for travel as it is extremely portable and small. While you’re out hiking or in need of important utilities to survive, the straw will allow you to simply kneel down and drink. To use it properly, simply place one end of it into the unfiltered water source, such as a puddle, river, or bottle, and then suck out water through the spout at the top. You can also use it to then fill glasses or bottles.

User Reviews

A number of owners of the straw have said it is extremely protective and safe. One user started using them for her medical and emergency survival bags. They were very portable and simple for storage. Another user found that drinking even from the water supply in Flint, Michigan didn’t cause him to be exposed to lead poisoning. Another user took the straw with him to the Amazon, and found that he could drink from any stream there — making it one of the best purchases he had ever made.

Why Filtration is Vital for Surviving Harsh Conditions

Having a water filtration straw can mean the difference between dehydration and survival in harsh conditions. Using the specialized internal filter, the straw allows you to filter out harmful species from the water. It can actually filter out cryptosporidium, which can’t be filtered through normal methods, making this straw actually more effective than other purification methods.

Water is one of the most potent substances for carrying harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Since these substances can’t be seen or measured normally, they are extremely problematic for filtering out. The water filtration straw itself makes water clean, drinkable, and tasty, and is very long lasting and durable. It’s simple for cleaning and provides a portable method of obtaining free, clean water even in the worst conditions.

Other Benefits

The straw is not only durable, but effective. Debris won’t get caught within its interior, making it more powerful for getting rid of harmful toxins than boiling water or trying to filter it using iodine tablets. The straw also makes it a quick and easy way to get water anywhere you might be, even if the water is very dirty.

Tips for Finding Good Water Sources

While the straw itself can help you get clean water in a short span of time, it’s important to find sill and clear waters. If you’re able to locate a small water pool or clam source, that’s better than finding rushing water, agitated water sources, or storm water because there will be less debris in the water itself — making it easier to filter. Agitated water generally contains sediment and silted particles, as well. For this reason, it’s best to seek out still and calm water.

Additionally, seeking still water sources will reduce Giardia and cryptosproridium exposure because these bacteria generally sink to the bottom. Another good way to find clean water is to seek out a source that is in direct sunlight, as being exposed to UV waves over a long period of time will help to eliminate viruses and bacteria from the water.


The Water Filtration Straw is one of the best means of ensuring you have a quick and easy way to get clean water no matter where you are. It’s an essential took for travelers, hikers, and survivalists all over the world, and has received tons of positive reviews thanks to its affordability and effectiveness.

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